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Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Catch up on what I've been up to in November, lots of early mornings and tough days!

I am writing from the Team Evolution Base in Radstadt (AUT) this month. The last time I wrote Charlotte and I had just begun training after a lengthy break due to covid restrictions.

The month started off with 2 blocks of Giant Slalom training in Kaunertal (AUT). Historically I have always found Giant Slalom more difficult than Slalom but I have now become more conformable on the longer skis. My skiing roots hail from the short dry slopes of the UK where it is only possible to ski on slalom skis. This has resulted in me being a little short of milage on the longer skis. I have made this my main focus and priority to tackle in order to improve.

Shortly after we commenced training the Austrian government announced the country would go into lockdown, meaning ski resorts would shut. Initially we thought the worse but after a few days the team had figured out a plan how we were going to continue to train. Thankfully a selection of resort remained open for professional training so this presented us with the green light to continue.

Later on the month we picked back up with some slalom training up on Dachstein glacier and hell yeah it felt good to be back on the smaller skis. The conditions were perfect making training even better. I am really happy to be making steps forward technically as I think its really important to embed these aspects of skiing before heading into the first block of races.

I am planning to start my first race of the season in early December and I can not wait to get back in the start gate!

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far on my journey to the top, without your help this would not be possible.

Hope you enjoy the read,

Best wishes Rob.


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