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Welcome To My New Website

Over the last couple of months during lockdown I have created this new website! You'll find lots of information and action shots from my journey so far.

This is the first of my monthly blog posts. This section of the website is to keep you all updated on what I've been up to, and to follow me on my journey. Expect pictures and some awesome tales from my life as an athlete.

Designing Process

The website seemed to take quite a while to complete, I had help from my Dad, my cousin who helped me with all the admin and hosting, I couldn't of launch the site without their help. The design of the website is predominantly composed of images, on large white backgrounds to make the images more effective. The home screen is set up so you can scroll down and quickly gain an idea how the rest of the website is going to structured. I have also designed 6 other individual pages which cover all the different types of information the web holds. Throughout the page there are links to sponsors website for you to have a look at.

Keep your eyes pealed for the next monthly blog!

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Andrea Holmes
Andrea Holmes
Oct 10, 2020

Great work Rob, can’t wait to share our journey with your regular updates.

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